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National Institute of Plant Health Management has developed affordable appliances to enable safe and judicious application of pesticides such as the Burrow Smoke Generator for Rodent Management in fields, Natural Enemy Friendly Light Traps, and NIPHM Paddy Dryer .The salient features and present cost are furnished below:

NIPHM Paddy Dryer

A 2 MT capacity Paddy Dryer has been designed to enable on-farm drying ( and interim storage, if necessary) of food grains even with high moisture content of 24-26%. Most of the high moisture grains harvested during the monsoon seasons get damaged due to high moisture content and non availability of suitable drying facility with the farmers. They eventually end up with the moisture damaged paddy to be disposed of and incur huge monetary loss due to distress sales. The high moisture grains undergo qualitative damage also apart from fungal damage and development of micotoxins. The design of the bin ensures adequate aeration in storage while promoting the natural draft technique to keep the grains cooler while enabling slow removal of moisture. Thus the grains can be stored safely for a period of 3-4 months before further processing. The bin is equipped with an electric blower to use it into a dryer. This will enable the farmers to ensure quicker turnover of drying the grains and to market better quality grains at a better price. The utility of the equipment and the unit cost are furnished below:

  - Storage cum drying system for paddy grains having high moisture upto 24%
- It is a steel structure and strong and durable
- It is rodent proof
- It is fire proof
- It is a well aerated structure. Hence the grain remains cool while there is a gradual drying process.
- Pest infestation is also reduced
- Moisture damage is arrested and it also prevents fungal diseases
- It is an on-farm storage and theft proof
- It can be used by individual farmers, farmer's cooperatives as well as by the self help groups by adopting it as a drying system with the improvised blower / heater attachment
- Grains can be dried faster so that they can get better market price for good quality food grains
- The system will support the national food security efforts in our country
- Reduced labour requirement for management of facility and better returns
This design can provide on farm storage cum drying facility and enable farmers to market good quality produce facilitating better returns for the same and also support the national food security mission of our country.

Cost of the 2 MT Paddy Dryer: Rs 1,00,000/-

NIPHM High Moisture Grain Storage Bin modified with Blower Attachment
NIPHM Natural Enemy Friendly Light Trap

Light traps are mainly used for attracting moths & other night flying insects which are attracted towards the light. The insects are actively caught or encouraged to enter a trap. The simplest light trap consists of a light on a cable hanging out in the field for attracting the pests during nights. However, besides a number of species of moths, beetles, flies, and other insects, most of which are not pests, are also attracted to artificial light. So identification of pests and beneficial insects is of prime importance before any control operation is executed. The Institute has developed an affordable Natural Enemy Friendly Light Trap to enable insect trapping in field conditions thereby reduce application of chemical pesticides. The trap is provided with a plastic funnel catcher through which the insects fall into a perforated plactic holding jar. Perforations are so made in the holding jar to enable the escape of the smaller size insects ( mostly defenders) back into the field. A CFL lamp serves to provide the blue colour light to attract the insects in the field. This light trap enables segregation of beneficial insects which returns to the field to augment the ecosystem as part of AESA & Ecological Engineering approach to pest management.

The cost of each would be about Rs 1,100/- per piece



A backpack sprayer has been developed by NIPHM with a boom attachment to enable the operator to spray behind and safely away from his body, while covering larger area with two spinning disk nozzle system (unlike the existing one hydraulic nozzle sprayed from front).This is provided with a 10 L spray tank and hence lighter in weight.The appliance has a higher productivity as it would cover larger area safely with lesser fatigue to the operator. The sprayer runs of a 12 V chargeable battery and produces uniform mist size droplets ( 200 - 400 microns size) resulting in better efficacy and distribution over a swath of 2m in each sweep. The field capacity of this backpack sprayer is 0.6 hectare in an hour. The sprayer is light in weight and is farmer friendly.

Cost of the sprayer: Rs 18,500/- per piece



This is a simple device for basal application of pesticide / fertilizers in dust form. This is also useful in pesticide dust application/ foliage application in low height crops. The brown plant hopper is a serious pest in many parts of the paddy growing areas. This equipment is well suited for pesticide application for control of brown plant hopper (BPH) in paddy ecosystem.The dust hopper can contain about 3 kg dust. The dust is emitted by shaking the duster by hand, in twirling or up- down vertical motion. Especially the brown plant hoppers generally harbour at the lower portion of the paddy crop and hand rotary duster usually fails to apply the dust at the bottom of the crop. Hence, this device is very useful for the farmers. A farmer can cover one acre of paddy in a day with the help of this duster. This could be utilised for other crops as well.

Cost of the device is Rs 500/- per piece

NIPHM Swing Sack Granule Applicator
In view of the problems due to rodent pests in field as well as in urban areas, as part of Integrated Rodent Pest Management approaches, the Institute has developed a Burrow Smoke Generator for Rodent Management in fields. The equipment is mounted on a single wheel trolley to enable easy movement in field / bunds, carry higher capacity drum to carry wastes for burning using special fuel spray, and can smoke the rodent burrows more effectively using a hand operated centrifugal blower. The trolley has also been designed to facilitate multipurpose use in the field, if required.

Cost of this equipment is Rs 6500/- per piece



The trolley mounted Low Volume Battery Operated Sprayer is a versatile sprayer which is designed for application of pesticides (and herbicide in pre emergence situation) under the low volume technique producing uniform droplets for enabling higher efficacy. The equipment is trolley- drawn by the operator in the field with minimum effort as he need not carry the loaded tank. Equipped with a boom, its three spinning disc nozzles can cover a swath of 3m in one swipe while protecting the operator from contamination, thus ensuring safe & judicious application. It is provided with a solar assisted battery for powering its spinning disk nozzles. This equipment will be very useful for safe & judicious application of pesticides for low height crops, vegetable crops, etc with uniform & small size droplet distribution to provide effectiveness.

The cost of this equipment is Rs 40,000/- per piece

NIPHM Solar Assisted Battery Operated Trolley Mounted Low Volume sprayer for field crops
These appropriate technology based appliances will be highly helpful to the small and marginal farmers, for enhancing their productivity through adoption of scientific, efficient and safe practices . The gist of the equipment developed and their cost ( transportation cost extra) is as below:
S No.ItemPrice (Rs.)
1NIPHM Paddy Dryer1,00,000
2NIPHM Natural Enemy Friendly Light Trap 1,100
3NIPHM Battery Operated Back Pack Sprayer18,500
4NIPHM Hand Shake Duster500
5NIPHM Swing Sack Granular Applicator500
6NIPHM Burrow Smoker6,500
7 NIPHM Trolley Mounted Solar Assisted LV Sprayer40,000

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