NIPHM is a National level institute under the administrative control of the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer’s welfare, Government of India established in the year 1966 at Hyderabad. It became an autonomous body in the year 2008 with the expanded scope of Plant Health Management   more...

Scheduled Trainings @ NIPHM till March'18

1 Pesticide Application Techniques and Safety measures 6 15-1-2018 19-1-2018
2 Agro Ecosystem Analysis (AESA) based Plant Health Management (PHM) in conjunction with Ecological Engineering for Pest Management-Vegetables 21 18-1-2018 7-2-2018
3 Field diagnosis and management of plant parasitic nematodes 5 22-1-2018 26-1-2018
4 Sampling of Fruits, Vegetables and other items for Pesticide Residue Analysis & Calibration of Laboratory Equipment for PRA 5 29-1-2018 2-2-2018
5 Stored grain pest detection and identification and Phytosanitary treatments 21 29-1-2018 19-2-2018
6 Stored grain pest detection, identification and management 5 29-1-2018 2-2-2018
7 Integrated Vertebrate Pest Management 21 1-2-2018 20-2-2018
8 Rodent Pest Management 5 5-2-2018 9-2-2018
9 Phytosanitary treatments (MBr& ALP) 15 5-2-2018 19-2-2018
10 Farmer Field Schools Methodology 5 12-2-2018 16-2-2018
11 Integrated Soil Nutrient and Rizosphere Management 8 19-2-2018 26-2-2018
12 Promotion of beekeeping for sustainable agriculture 3 26-2-2018 28-2-2018

Field Officer Trainings

NIPHM, as part of its mandate is training Agricultural Offers as a committed and competent cadre of professionals to promote sustainable plant health and bio-security management in India and her neighbourhood, in the fields of,

1. Plant Health Management
2. Plant Biosecurity and Plant Quarantine
3. Pesticide Management and
4. Plant Health Engineering

Farmer Trainings

NIPHM, apart from training the Agricultural Professionals, is also training Farmers in the latest, efficient and simple technologies, which can be adopted by the farmers at their level for better farm management and for getting better yields. Both, progressive and regular farmers from across the country are being given the technology demonstrations and hands-on training

Student Trainings

NIPHM is offering One Year Post Graduate Diploma in Plant Health Management (PGDPHM) and
Six Months Diploma Courses in

1. Plant Health Management
2. Biosecurity and Incursion Management
3. Pesticide Management
4. Biocontrol Input Production Management
5. Vertebrate and Structural Pest Management
6. Plant Health Engineering

Agripreneurs Trainings

Agripreneurs, from across the Country are being provided training in the latest technologies and programmes in AESA based Plant Health Management, Phytosanitary Treatment, Production Control for Biocontrol Agents and Biopesticides, Urban IPM, Pesticide Formulation and Residue Analysis, Instrumentation in Pesticide Analysis etc.

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