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Training program on “Phytosanitary Inspection training for Phytosanitary Service Agency and Phytosanitary Service Provider (PSSA&PSSP) for Inspection of Plants/Plant Products & Other Regulated Articles in Export" at NIPHM (01st July to 30th July) Brochure

Refresher training on fumigation (Methyl bromide (MBr) and Aluminium phosphide (AlP) fumigation)
Please contact Dr. A G Girish, Course coordinator, Mob: 8978778704; email: and Ms. R. Madhubala, associate course coordinator, e for further details.

Training program on “Fumigation as a Phytosanitary Treatment (Methyl Bromide and Aluminium Phosphide Fumigation)” at NIPHM (18th June to 02nd July - 15 days) Brochure   -   Register

Certificate course on Urban Integrated Pest Management (UIPM)   -   Register
Pls. contact Dr. Mariadoss, Course Director, Mob: 9100207342; email: for further details.

NIPHM CCIM-ID Online Course for Pesticide Dealers - Click here to Register

NIPHM Drone Academy - Drone Pilot Training - New batch commencing from next Monday - Click here to Register

A Practitioner's Guide for Urban Pest Management

NIPHM Lowcost Technology Material for Sale

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