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Training Schedule for 2022-23   -   Training Registration

Certificate course on PHM in Organic Farming   -   Register Brochure

Certificate course on Urban Integrated Pest Management (UIPM)   -   Register Brochure

Farm Equipment for plant health management (for Students)   -   Register Brochure

Smart Farming for Students)   -   Register Brochure

Post-harvest management techniques (for Students)   -   Register Brochure

Pesticide application techniques (for Students)   -   Register Brochure

Refresher course on Agricultural Engineering (for Students)   -   Register Brochure

Training on handling /operation of Gas Chromatography (GC) & High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)   -   Register Brochure

Training on handling/operation of GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS for chemical (pesticide) analysis   -   Register Brochure

Training on Method Validation for Pesticide Residue Analysis   -   Register Brochure

Basic training on Pesticide Residue Analysis (5 Days & 10 Days)   -   Register Brochure

Level I – Training programme on Urban Pest Management for Technicians   -   Register Brochure

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  Dr. Sagar Hanuman Singh IPoS
Director General
As we all are aware, agriculture plays a vital role in India’s economy.     more...

Plant Health Management Division
To enhance the knowledge of the farmers on Plant Health Management, NIPHM     more

Plant Bio Security Division
Plant Biosecurity is a strategic and integrated approach consisting of policy     more

Pesticide Management Division
Pesticides, both chemical and bio-pesticides, do play a significant role     more

Plant Health Engineering Division & ICT
Application of pesticides continues to play a significant role in reducing     more

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